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The Atlantikwall Website


Anatomy of a Bunker
Grouping of components

The German Atlantikwall, one of the last major defense lines of this century. It was built by the German occupation forces in the period 1941-1944 along the coasts of France, Channel Islands, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark. The main goal was to prevent allied landings on the shores of these countries.
During this period a total of 14.000 heavy, concrete bunkers were built. An amount that is impressive by the quantity, cost and involved labor.
It is understandable that a large amount of data on this subject is available. On this website we want to give you a small part of this information.

The site is created by Michel van Best and Peter Heijkoop.
It will not be updated anymore, but will serve as an archive.
Former pages that depend on a regular check are changed or removed.

The present caretaker is:  Lenco

All pictures and drawings are copyrighted by the Atlantikwall Website team unless stated otherwise.